North Van Pac Seeks Strong Parent Voice

Message to parents/guardians from the North Vancouver PAC

The North Van PAC executive is looking for volunteers to join us to help maintain the strong parent voice in our school district.

Similar to the way your school PACs represent parents at the school level, your District PAC represents you at the School District level.

We get involved in how education is delivered in North Vancouver by providing the parent perspective to the Board of Education on school programs and curriculum, the school calendar, student assessment, new projects (for example, renovating/rebuilding schools), and other funding/spending issues.

We help school PACs share issues and best practices.

We help parents support their children's education by arranging speakers and workshops. 

We are currently seeking volunteers to join us—parents that want to be more involved in how education is delivered in North Vancouver. There is a lot of opportunity to get involved and any help would be appreciated. We have small roles, such as representing parents on various committees and larger roles on our executive for those who want more involvement.

We need volunteers to represent parents on committees related to:
  • School program and capital funding
  • Education policies
  • Anti-bullying, special needs and other support programs
  • Potential and current school programs
  • Changes to curriculum and graduation requirements
  • Parent communication and parent education, and
  • Many other parts of education

If you are interested in having a voice at the School District level, we'd be glad to talk with you, to discuss the commitment we need, to see what interests you have, and invite you to see what we do.

If you'd like to learn or see more of what we do, talk to your school PAC about us or visit  If you'd like to talk with us  about how you can get involved, please send an email to [email protected]