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Handsworth Information


Handsworth School website

Handsworth School Newsletter: There is a monthly newsletter containing school and PAC news sent to parents by email. If you are not receiving these, contact the school office at (604) 903-3600 to be added to the mailing list. For past newsletters, click here.

Handsworth Twitter Feed Probably the easiest daily way to stay on top of all things Handsworth: announcements, meetings and game times, event notices, scholarship, post-secondary information and more!

Handsworth Facebook page

Handsworth Live Calendar

Public Education


North Vancouver District Parent Advisory Council (NVPAC) webpage

NVPAC blog (“Keeping Parents up-to-date on What’s Happening in NV Schools”)  


BC Confederation of Parent Advisory Councils (BCCPAC) website

Individual Education Plan (IEP) Guide  

Speak Up!  

Building Student Success  


Canadian Parents for French A parent-led, non profit organization that works to provide French language educational, social, cultural and sporting activities for youth.


North Vancouver School District (NVSD44)

NVSD44 website
Superintendent’s Blog
Distributed Learning (online learning and summer school)

NVSD44 Publications:

Counselling Services

Inclusive Education Handbook

Learning Assistance Handbook

Transitions Planning

Secondary School Enhanced Programs Guide

NVSD44 2011-2021 Strategic Plan

NVSD44 3-Year Operating Plan 2011-2014


Ministry of Education

Ministry website

Practice Provincial Exams  

Ministry plan for Personalized and 21 C learning n BC schools

Erase Bullying website

Learn Now BC

Family and Youth


North Shore Youth Volunteer Directory

North Shore Youth Services Directory

Family Services North Shore

HPAC Guest Speakers -  Websites and Handouts

Dollars and Sense - Talking To Your Teens About Money

- Paul Lermitte, Certified Financial Planner 

Conflict Management and the Teenage Brain - Raj Dhasi, Turning Point Resolutions

Emergency Preparedness (Home & School) - North Shore Emergency Planning Office  

Handsworth Counselling Department - Stacey Schwegler NVSD Counselling Services Protocols

Social Media Education and Awareness - Jesse Miller

Scholarships Brittany Palmer - Unlock your Future 2014 Handouts

Technology in the Handsworth Classroom - Erica Toombs

Teen Employment - Employment Standards BranchHealth & Safety Centre, Grouse Mountain Careers

Teen/Youth Opportunities - District of North Vancouver - Capilano Community Services SocietyDNV Youth AwardsYouth Week

Teen Sexual Health - Salema Noon; The Truth About All Things Teenage - Resources, Saleema's Presentation Notes

Teen Volunteering - Summer Volunteer Opportunities - North Vancouver Recreation Commission - Meh Najak

Meeting minutes

Financial Statements