Website Guidelines



The purpose of the Handsworth Parent Advisory Council (HPAC) website is to engage the parent community by providing key information on HPAC and school activities and events and sharing resources of interest to parents of teens.


The HPAC website will:

  • Deliver up- to- date information on HPAC activities and events
  • Highlight information on Handsworth activities/events/traditions
  • Connect HPAC members to resources/events of interest to parents of teens via links
  • Encourage parent involvement at the school and in the School District and identify opportunities for participation


The site will also serve as an archive for HPAC documents (Constitution and Bylaws, agendas, minutes, financial statements, etc.).


HPAC website policies


  1. The site is called HPAC Connections with the tagline: Information and resources for Handsworth parents.
  2. The site is for the sole benefit for the parents/guardians of Handsworth students.
  3. No commercial operation shall use the site as a vehicle to advance their enterprise.
  4. No advertising is to appear on the site.
  5. HPAC does not collect traffic statistics or user information from the site.
  6. The site provides links to other websites with a public education system focus. Links to sites of speakers hosted at HPAC-sponsored events are also be posted. HPAC is not responsible for the content, privacy practices, or safety of those sites.
  7. The Member at Large – Communications is responsible for the updating and maintenance of the site.
  8. New site content will be reviewed by the chair prior to posting, in consultation with the Handsworth principal as necessary.
  9. HPAC meeting agendas will be posted to the site within a reasonable time period prior to general meetings.
  10. HPAC general meeting minutes will be posted to the site within a reasonable time after approval at a general meeting.